Pay your employees on time-every time

Everyone's excited about payday, so ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time. We can help.

Don’t be a prisoner to payroll reporting

We're here to do it all so you can spend time doing other things. From payroll reporting to employee and contract tax payments and everything in between—we've got you covered.

Online access to pay details

On demand access for you and your staff to their specific payroll details. No more manual timesheets or filing boxes of time cards.

Import aproved hours with ease

Staff and contractors enter their own time through their unique payroll login. When ready, you’re notified through the software.

Let payroll run itself

Your only job? Review, approve and relax. We'll set up the rest.


Everything you'd expect from payroll

Direct Deposit

Pay your employees on time through direct deposit.

Payroll Calculations

Easily calculate payroll source deductions

CRA/WCB Remitances

Submit remittances to the CRA directly.

Year End T4A and T4

Issue pay slips to your employees automatically

Stat Holiday Calculations

Calculate stat holiday pay automatically.

Online Paystubs

Give your employees online access to their pay stubs.

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Technology that supports you at everystage

Still have questions?

Some answers to the most frequently asked questions we get.

Can you help me manage my wage subsidy?

Yes. We provide full payroll support.

How much do payroll services cost?

Payroll services are included with our monthly fee. If you have any specific reporting needs, we can tailor our service and fees to your payroll.

How many employees do I need to use your service?

We run payroll of any size. If you run payroll, we have the support to setup and process payroll for our clients.

What if I have contractors?

Yes we run processing for contractors too

Can you run payroll if my employees are in different provinces?

Yes we can.

Do you offer an employee help line for payroll if my employees have questions?

Yes. We provide support for employees entering time, completing their payroll forms on setup. We even provide instructional videos and live support to ensure you and your staff are able to enter time and process payroll.

Can you support my current payroll system?

We can support your payroll processing system for a period of time, but our ask is to transition your payroll into our system. This provides a more seamless approach if we are processing all of our process in the same manner.

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