At a Glance

Year-end credit card statements comprise year-long purchases and charts categorizing your expenses into clothing, restaurant, groceries, travel, entertainment, and more.

Most credit card issuers will allow customers to customize their year-end reports with unique categories and dates. This way, customers can better understand how they are using their cards without getting into all the tiny details.

A Sample Year End Statement

Statements will vary depending on individual preferences and the issuing companies. However, these statements will contain some common things as shown below:

What a Year End Credit Card statement means for your business

Just like with your bank statement, a credit card statement allows you to view your purchases report for a specific period. Year-end credit card statements reflect expenditures for a year coupled with useful insights such as credit scores, credit limit, and more.

Your business could use credit card statements to analyze spending patterns and put in place cost-cutting measures where necessary. Fraudulent purchases can also be identified using credit card statements.