At a Glance

The RC59 (Corporate Form) is a CRA issued form used by businesses to give someone such as an accountant or lawyer access to their confidential business information.

Depending on the level of consent given, the appointed accountant or lawyer can gain access to a company's tax returns, account balances, correspondences, and more.

Sample Document

To appoint a business representative, you're required to fill in and submit the RC59 Form. Once approved, your business has representation.

Here are snapshots of the RC59 Corporate Form:

What the RC59 Form means for business owners:

As earlier mentioned, the RC59 Form grants your representative access to your private business information held by the CRA. An accountant is an example of a business representative. An appointed accountant receives the authority to transact on your behalf of the RC59 Form.

Business representation affords you the time you need to focus more on running your business as your accountant takes care of the complex accounting and tax issues. Oh, if you like me, you don't fancy CRA's hair-raising emails and calls while on that much deserved holiday, you certainly need to fill one of these forms.