Update your personal address online with the CRA

This is how to update your personal address with the CRA online via the My Account login.

  1. Go to My Account for Individuals
  2. Scroll down the page to log into your account (we recommend using option 2)
  3. Click “Personal profile” located under your name
  4. Click “Manage address and phone numbers” under the address section
  5. You can see both our mailing and home address here
  6. Click on the “Update mailing address” or “Update home address” depending which needs updating. If you need to update both, you have the option to do this once you are in one of the sections.
  7. Select the country, click next
  8. Enter the new postal code, click next
  9. Add in your address details
  10. Select the “Effective Date” (when you want this address change to take place), click next
  11. Your new address will be displayed. If you need to make changes, click “previous” at the bottom of the page
  12. This is where it will ask if you would like to update the other address on file (home or mailing). Check off the box if you would also like to update the other
  13. Confirm by clicking “I confirm the mailing address above is correct”
  14. Click “Submit”