Update your personal address by phone with the CRA

This is how to update your personal address with the CRA by calling the CRA.

  1. Ensure you have the following information ready
  2. Social Insurance Number
  3. Full name and date of birth
  4. Your complete address
  5. An assessed return, notice of assessment or reassessment, other tax document, or be signed into CRA My Account
  6. Call the CRA at 1-800-959-8281
  7. Office hours are:
  8. Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.
  9. Saturday 9am-5pm.
  10. Sunday and public holidays closed.

Other phone numbers:
Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut: 1-866-426-1527
Outside Canada and the U.S. (operates in Eastern Time): 613-940-8495