Review and Complete Wagepoint account setup

Log into Wagepoint

You will receive an email from Wagepoint with login instructions and a temporary password.

  1. Login to and use the temporary password provided in the email
  2. You will be prompted to set a new password when you log in.
  3. If you do not get prompted, click on “Settings” > “Account Settings”, scroll down until you see “Update Password”. Enter the old password and then your new password. Scroll down and click “Save Changes” to complete.
  4. Review information
  5. Click Company > Company info
  6. Click Employees > Click on employee/contractor
  7. Review information
  8. Ensure pay rate is correct
  9. Check each employee/contractor uploaded bank info
  10. Verify vacation type

Please note we automatically select vacation types as follows unless provided other instructions:

  • Hourly employees = paid out each pay
  • Salary employees = accrue each pay
  • Employees have the right to choose if they want to be paid for or accrue vacation time

Account Verification

Find micro deposit amount from Wagepoint in bank
1. Open Quickbooks Online
2. Click on Transactions
3. Click on Banking
4. Go to Bank Register (on right hand of screen)
5. See list of transactions for a deposit under $1.00 from Wagepoint

  • You can also find the micro deposit amount directly in your online banking if you prefer or your QBO is not setup

Verification in Wagepoint

1. Open Wagepoint
2. Go to Banking
3. Click Account Verification
4. Enter micro deposit amount as seen in QBO

ROE Secured Automated Transfer (SAT)

ROE SAT allows for the web-based filing of the record of employment for companies. Otherwise paper forms need to be completed and mailed to the former employee and Canada Revenue Agency. Wagepoint allows for the registration of ROE SAT through its website in the company profile.

How to Register for ROE SAT

  1. Login to your Wagepoint account
  2. Select “Company” from the headings on the main page of the company profile
  3. Select “More” and then click on “ROE SAT”
  4. Step 1: Assign a Primary Contact
  5. This is should already have your information saved. If not or if you wish to change the contact person, please fill in requested details.
  6. Step 2: Sign registration addendum
  7. Click “E-Sign”
  8. The form will load and pre-populate with the company details and info entered.
  9. Review the information to ensure it is correct
  10. ROE Web Authorization form will be pre-populated with the company details. Review the information to ensure it is correct.
  11. You will note Wagepoint has included the name of its employee who handles ROE communications and issues with the CRA. This is standard for any company that processes payrolls as there is company contact (Wagepoint) for the CRA.
  12. Click on the field with the red asterisk (*) to sign the form
  13. Type your signature and click “Apply”. Click “Click to sign” by the red arrow
  14. You will be prompted to enter your email address. “Click to Sign” again
  15. Login to the email account you included on the document.
  16. Select the email from your inbox and click the link within the email to verify the email address.

Once verified there will be a message on the screen noting the process is complete. You can close the browser window.

Go back into your Wagepoint account and click on “MORE” and “ROE SAT”. You will see the icon for the ROE Authorization form has been changed to “COMPLETED” with the date of signing when the process is complete.