Request Time Off for Employees and Contractors


Using Luna by Wagepoint (if your employer is set up with this service it will be available to access)

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “Settings” in the top right and select “Luna”
  3. Click the “Request Time Off” button
  4. Select the relevant plan (Vacation, Sick Leave, or Personal Day)
  5. Choose the Start and End Date
  6. Confirm the number of hours (Luna expects 8 hours per day off requested)
  7. For example: if you request 1 day off, please enter (8 x 1 =) 8
  8. Another example: if you request 3 days off, please enter (8 x 3 =) 24
  9. Enter a description for the request, so you’re supervisor knows the reason for the request
  10. Press “Send Request”
  11. You will receive an email notification when your request is Approved or Denied
  12. If your request is approved, the number of hours will be subtracted from your “Current Accrued Balance”
  13. In most cases, employees start with 80 hours (or 10 days) of vacation time per year