Paying contractors through Wagepoint

There are number of considerations to determine if a contractor should or should not be paid through Wagepoint

When it makes sense to pay a contractor through Wagepoint

  • The contractor wants you to automate their payments
  • The contractor is paid on an hourly basis
  • The contractor is paid at the same frequency as your employees
  • The contractor tracks hours worked in the same way as your employees do
  • The contractor will be doing work for your business on an ongoing basis

When it doesn’t make sense to pay a contractor through Wagepoint

  • They prefer to send you an invoice and be paid by their regularly accepted methods
  • Some contractor business may refuse being paid via Wagepoint
  • They will only submit invoices once or infrequently
  • They are not paid by the hour or get paid at different intervals than your employees

Setting up a contractor in Wagepoint

You can start paying contractors through Wagepoint by asking your Customer Success Manager to set up a contractor in your Wagepoint account.