Our standard payroll policy (BC)

The following is not legal advice and has not been reviewed by HR or payroll experts to ensure accuracy. We highly recommend hiring a qualified HR consultant for expert HR and payroll advice. We can recommend an expert consultant when needed

Payment Method

  • We recommend that all employees and contractors are paid via direct deposit, using a program called Wagepoint

Pay periods

  • We recommend biweekly pay cycles (14 days in length) for hourly and salary employees and contractors
  • Pay cycles go from Saturday in Week 1 to Friday in Week 2
  • Employees must submit their hours by Sunday following the end of a pay cycle
  • Employers approve hours on the Monday following the end of a pay cycle
  • If an employee ended their employment at the end of the pay cycle, we create an Record of Employment (ROE) for them on Wednesday
  • There are cases where payments and ROEs need to provided outside of regular pay cycles (for example, after terminations), so please contact us for more details if needed
  • Employees are paid on the Friday of that same week (assuming payroll is approved on Monday)


  • Pay cycle starts on Saturday, July 3
  • Pay cycle ends on Friday, July 16
  • Employees/contractors submit hours for the pay cycle by Sunday, July 18
  • Employer reviews hours, approves hours, and approves payroll on Monday, July 19
  • ROEs (when required) are provided on the day following payment: July 21
  • Employees are paid on Friday, July 23rd

Approving hours

  • Hours will be submitted by employees and contractors via login to Track (by Wagepoint)
  • The employer will be able to view submitted hours and approve or deny those hours as appropriate
  • Hours from Track will be used to complete payroll in Wagepoint

Approving payroll

  • We ask that employers review hours submitted by their employees and contractors every other Tuesday
  • The employer is responsible to confirm the payment of their employees and contractors in Wagepoint or their pay will be delayed

Time Off

  • We use a program called Luna (by Wagepoint) to track vacation time requests, approve them, and accrue vacation time as needed.

Vacation Time

  • Employees are allowed the choice between accruing vacation or being paid for vacation time on each cheque. We recommend:
  • hourly employees be paid out on each cheque
  • salary employees accrue vacation
  • The BC standard for vacation time is:
  • A minimum of 2 weeks (80 hours based on a 40-hour work week) of vacation time per year after 12 consecutive months of employment
  • A minimum of 3 weeks of vacation time per year after 5 consecutive years of employment
  • Please see the BC legislation here for more details
  • We recommend giving new employees at least 2 weeks of vacation time

Other days off

  • Employees are allowed to request days off separate from their vacation time for specific reasons (sick days, bereavement, maternity leave and more)
  • Luna will be set up with the following categories for your employees to request days off (in addition to vacation time)
  • COVID-19 Sick - Up to 3 days paid
  • 3 days paid if the employee is diagnosed with COVID
  • Sick - After 3 days with COVID and other - unpaid
  • Unpaid days for any other illness, injury and additional days with COVID
  • Personal Days Unpaid
  • Any other unpaid days needed that are not included in the above categories (such as bereavement, maternity leave, family care, etc)
  • These plans can be changed to match your company’s policy
    (see more details here)
  • The following table is our summary of the BC legislation leaves of absence for your convenience.
Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 11.49.53 AM.png