At a Glance

Incorporation or company registration allows entrepreneurs to register their businesses under a set of company registration laws.

In BC, incorporation entails reserving your business name before obtaining an incorporation certificate.

However, before incorporation, you're require to prepare articles of incorporation containing among other things, the name of the firm, address of the main office, and the total number of shares.

A Sample Article of Incorporation

A Sample Certificate of Incorporation

Those intending to register companies in BC will find this full guide by the BC Registry Services quite useful.

Why incorporate your business?

Incorporating your business is one sure way of protecting your assets as a business owner. Unlike sole proprietorships, company debts are not the owner's. If an incorporated company owes other companies or individuals, owners's personal assets cannot be used to recover the debts. This is because an incorporated company can own assets, conduct business, incur losses, sue, and be sued in its name.