Getting employees to submit hours in Track

There are a number of different strategies that you can take to ensure employees are entering their hours in Track by Wagepoint

Recommended Strategy

  • Require all employees to enter their hours at the end of their shift before leaving the premises
  • If recording hours is left until later, it will often be inaccurate (it’s too hard to remember later) and could be delayed (if employees forget)
  • Designate a computer where this is done, so employees get into the habit of doing this every day before they leave

Other potential strategies

  • Set a recurring calendar event in Google Calendar or Outlook for the day that you want them to enter their hours on and invite all employees to it
  • Use a service to automate sending out recurring emails. For example, Right Inbox for Gmail. We’re not aware of ways to do this in Microsoft Outlook, but a google search may help.