Document Authentication - Alberta

At a Glance

If you're planning to transact outside of Canada, you may be required to authenticate your documents. Authentications confirms the public status of a document, signature, as well as the seal.

Certificates of authentication can be obtained through forwarding the authenticated documents to the Office of the Deputy Provincial Secretary. Alberta residents are required to submit documents for authentication alongside a written request to the Deputy Provincial Secretary's Office.

Details of the authentication procedure are published on the official Alberta Government website.

Note: Alberta does not specifically recommend a standard format for a written request for documents authentication. However, ensure that the letter clearly communicates the intention to have your documents authenticated (notarized). If you're not so sure about the content of the letter, talk to your accountant or attorney before sending out your request.

Why authenticate your documents?

Authentication is a key process in establishing legitimacy. Trust is becoming a rare commodity in today's business world. This is why some organizations and countries will require you to authenticate your documents before transacting with them.

Without verified documents, lifetime opportunities can quickly through your fingers. This can be disheartening to you and stakeholders in your business, including employees and management. As an Alberta business owner, you want to authenticate all your working documents in advance to ensure that you can transact both locally and internationally with companies that work with authenticated partners only. And who knows, 'trust' might just be the only ting that sets you apart from the competition.