Approve payroll

OPTIONAL: If you added new hires last pay period

  • Log into your Wagepoint account
  • Confirm your employee has been added to the system. If not, you can add their info yourself or ask Cycle CPA to do it for you
  • Review employee/contractor information is correct
  • Ensure the pay rate is correct
  • Confirm the new employee uploaded bank information

Complete payroll in Wagepoint

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “Payroll” in the menu, select the pay group (monthly or biweekly) that you want to process, and press “Next”
  3. Check the first, last, and pay date are all correct. Then press “Next”
  4. We recommend a Saturday for first day of pay cycle, Friday (14 days later) for last day of pay cycle, and pay date 4 days after the last day.
  5. For example: First (July 3rd), Last (July 16), Pay Date (July 20)
  6. Hours
  7. Click “Import Hours” to pull the hours you had approved in Track into Wagepoint.
  8. Review the Hours, Overtime (OT) hours, and vacation hours for all hourly employees and contractors
  9. If you are not paying an employee/contractor, we recommend turn the button under “Pay?” to off for that person to save the processing fee for them
  10. Press next when you’re satisfied that the numbers are correct
  11. Salary
  12. Review the Hours, Pay, and Vacation hours of each salaried employee
  13. Press “Next” when you’re satisfied that the numbers are correct
  14. Process
  15. OPTIONAL: Click on “View” beside each employee/contractor to review their calculation OR click “View All” to see the income, deductions and total net pay for all employees
  16. Click the box beside “I confirm” and click “Approve Payroll” when you’re satisfied and want to complete the payroll payments
  17. Once you do this, Wagepoint will start the process to withdraw money from your bank account
  18. Confirm
  19. You’ll see a confirmation screen