At a Glance

In British Columbia, authentication means verifying the signature of the provincial official who signed a document. The provincial government verifies signatures as may be required by foreign governments or some organizations.

All BC authentications take place in the Ministry of Attorney General, conducted by Order in Council (OIL) Administration Office.

The BC authentication process starts with sending out a cover letter to the Ministry  of Attorney General. Here's a template of the cover letter:

Details of the authentication process (including a downloadable cover letter) are available on the official BC government website.

Why authentication is important to you

Document authentication is vital in building trust and this is especially true in today's challenging business environment. A company is made up of many stakeholders including managers, tax departments, employees, and their families. As a result, missed opportunities can have far-reaching consequences not just to the business owners but also everyone else involved directly or otherwise.

Whether you're representing another business or your own, you can't let the validity of transactions stand in your path to success.