Annual Corporate Legal Filing Requirements

Note: Cycle CPA is not a legal firm and the below does not constitute legal advice. We highly recommend using a corporate attorney for corporate annual filings, which can be done at a fixed fee. If you need help in this area, please ask us, and we would be happy to recommend a lawyer to you.

Brief overview of corporate responsibilities

At a high level, every corporation has a responsibility to do both corporate and tax filings every year:

  • Cycle CPA provides services for corporate tax filings (specifically, T2 Corporate Income Tax, GST/HST, and other filings as needed)
  • Corporate lawyers provide services for other legally required filings (see below)

Other legal requirements that a corporate lawyer can assist with:

  1. File an Annual Corporation Report within 2 months of the corporate fiscal year-end
  2. This can be done by going to, clicking “File a BC Annual Report”, and then completing their online form
  3. If you have issues with their site, their help desk number is 1-800-663-6102
  4. Hold an Annual General Meeting OR have an agreement in writing that approves of the business taken place during the fiscal year
  5. Present financial statements to all shareholders within 6 months of the fiscal year end

If these reports are not kept up to date, your corporation can face issues, including its possible dissolution. Please speak to a corporate lawyer for more details about how to stay on top of these requirements

If you have questions or need assistance with corporate legal filings:

  • Please ask us for a recommendation for a corporate lawyer
  • Or, call BC Corporation Registry at 1 877-526-1526 to speak with a BC Registry representative to talk through your questions